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Terms of Use

  1. Definitions
  2. Terms of Use
    The present regulations.
    Information Platform connected to the Internet by means of which users are able to use search engines or additional services, available at polskataxi.com.
    The site owner polskataxi.com.
    Each person using the service polskataxi.com.
    A natural person, legal person or organizational unit without legal personality, which uses the services of polskataxi.com.

  3. General provisions
    1. Terms of Use define the rules for the use of the Service by Users polskataxi.com. The regulations contained in Terms of Use are designed to provide privacy, protection of stored and processed data, as well as the safety of correspondence.
    2. Polskataxi.com reserves the right to unilaterally decide on the content of the Service and modify it.
    3. User of polskataxi.com Service is obliged to familiarize themselves with these regulations and compliance with its provisions.

  4. Principles of Service
    1. The condition of using the Service polskataxi.com is acceptance of these Terms of Use.
    2. By accepting these Terms, User agrees to use the Service - both in terms of receiving and sending information or graphics in a manner consistent with applicable law, rules of social conduct, morality and Terms of Use.
    3. Use of the Service is at the expense and risk of User.
    4. Service Administrator does not guarantee that User use of the Service polskataxi.com will be without interference, error free, uninterrupted, or the result of the search will meet the expectations of User, as the essential content or accuracy of the information obtained.
    5. Service Administrator has the right to suspend the activities of the Service, to change its layout or content.
    6. Polskataxi.com is not responsible for any consequences of the use by User information obtained through the Service.
    7. Polskataxi.com is not responsible for the content provided by Customers of polskataxi.com. in this regard, a claim may be addressed only to Customers of polskataxi.com.
    8. Polskataxi.com is not responsible for damages suffered by Users and lost their benefits during the execution of an agreement to use the Service.
    9. Polskataxi.com does not take any responsibility for User use of the Service with a manner inconsistent with the provisions of these Terms of Use and the applicable laws.
    Trzeba dodać coś, że adminiastrator ma prawo moderowania informacji. Bo jak nie będą aktualizować, to będą stare. Jak z synchronizowaniem cen z innym ich serwisem.

  5. Conditions for registration
    1. During the registration process in the Service of polskataxi.com Customer is obliged to provide current and reliable data and to update them in case of any changes.
    2. An accoung can only be used by Customer.
    3. Customer may only have one account, from which only he can use.

  6. Complaints
    1. Complaints about services provided by Service of polskataxi.com should be reported using the contact form, which is available on polskataxi.com.
    2. Complaints must be reported within 14 days from the date of the event being the basis of the complaint.
    3. Complaints will be dealt with up to 14 working days from the date of receipt of the notification by polskataxi.com.
    4. Decision of Service polskataxi.com is final.
    5. Service polskataxi.com is not liable for failure or improper performance of the services of third parties. Complaints related to the services of third parties may be addressed and dealt solely to these people.

  7. Ownership of information
    1. All rights to the information contained in Service are entitled to polskataxi.com.
    2. Polskataxi.com reports that Customer by placing in Service the content, logos, trademarks, etc. declares that it has copyrights, and their use does not infringe rights of third parties.
    3. Customer grants Service of polskataxi.com royalty-free license to use the posted content or logos for an indefinite period and the inclusion in a set of polskataxi.com data and make it publicly available. If the above statement is not true, then the Customer agrees to meet the claims of third parties, as well as to cover damages and the cost of the polskataxi.com Service associated with these claims.
    4. Users of the polskataxi.com Service are authorized to use the contents provided in it for his own use. Other forms of use the shared content is forbidden without a written consent of the polskataxi.com Service.
    5. Data sources in the Service are also publicly disclosed and widely available and used.

  8. Privacy
    1. The user using the service agrees to the privacy policy of this serwice.

  9. Google Maps
    1. Some elements of the site are using Google Maps API. By using this parts, Users are agreeing to be bound by Google’s Terms of Service.

  10. Final Provisions
    1. Terms of Use comes into force on the date they are published on the polskataxi.com site.
    2. At any time polskataxi.com Service has the right to change Terms of Use.
    3. Terms of Use subjects to Polish law.
    4. Ambiguity in the translated version accepts the superiority of regulations in Polish.
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